Dr. Cube - 3D Rubik Cube

Version 0.11.188
Next release:

Version 0.11.188 - Monday, 23.07.2007
- highscores now adjust to smaller screens and center properly (kim)

- Cool new main menu! The upper part of the main menu now shows a cube in 2d view while the lower part shows the menu items. When switching the items, the cube rotates and the cube will do a flip when the new game item is selected (moe)

- Fixed bug with cursor painting during solving. (3D view) (moe)

- The number keys used to switch highscore lists are now displayed next to the arrows (moe)

- The Game and the Demo can now use fullscreen, because we paint our own menu in the Game (moe, tobi)

Version 0.10.67 - Tuesday, 26.06.2007
- Added pictures to the manuals-options (moe)

- You can now enter your glorious name after solving the cube without the solver (kim)

- Each highscore list is centered seperately (kim)

- Rename package from dreidruc -> drcube (tobi)

- Rename Projectname dreidruc -> drcube (tobi)

- Manual is now separated into: game description, assigned keys and options (moe)

- Now every skill of the game is painted separately in the highscore view (moe)

- FullScreen mode is now complete usable, without strange bugs (tobi)

- The microemu shows images (implemented using an workaround) (tobi)

- Fix a divide by zero ArithmeticException (tobi)

- 3D View is now loading much faster (tobi + moe)

- Improved texture loading (3D cursor) (moe)

- Highscore adjusted to the handy display (moe)

- Highscore background has now the same size like the mainmenu background (moe)

- Added AnimationSpeed PopupMenu in the Options menu für 3D and 2D View (moe)

- unilogo position corrected in the views (moe)

- new backgroundimage for mainmenu and highscoreview (moe)

- new splashscreen (moe)

- deleted sound file and appropriate code (sound didn´t work any more) (moe)

- Extracted the String-information into an own interface-Container. (andreas)

- AbstractRotator now saves some more resources. (andreas)

- A few JavaDoc-Translations. Original comments are kept for reviewing (andreas)

- Update GPL header (tobi)

- 2D View now respects clipping-adjustments of the Graphics object (andreas).

Version 0.9.1689 - Monday, 21.05.2007
- Painted cursor for navigation in the mainmenu if cubepicture for navigation cannot be loaded (kim)

- Added Transparent cubepicture for navigation in the mainmenu (moe)

- Fix Cursortexture: No overlapping with the cube´s textures anymore (kim + moe)

- Fix adding a command to the according screensaverview (moe)

- Changed screensavercontroller functionality (moe)

Version 0.9.1668:
- Fix a threading bug killing the 2D View (tobi)

- Add automatic speed control to the 2D View (andreas)