Dr. Cube - 3D Rubik Cube

Version 0.11.188

Game Manual

Main Menu
Hauptmenü All main functions of Dr. Cube are available in the main menu. Here's what you can do:
  • Start a new game.
  • Continue a saved game.
  • Display the game manual.
  • Open the options menu.

    Here you can change the in-game settings.
  • Start the screensaver (demo).

    The screensaver, randomly shuffles a rubik's cube and solves the it in an endless loop. Pressing 0 will return you to the main menu, all other keys can be used to reactivate the backlight.
  • Display the highscore list.
  • Show the credits.
  • Exit the game (not recommended).
Use the keys 2 and 8 to move up and down, and 5 to select an option. If your mobile phone has a joystick, you can also use this to navigate the menu.
Options Menu
Optionsmenü Here's what you can change in the options menu:
  • The visualisation of the cube.

    There are three different views available for the game. Two of them display the cube in 3D. One of them uses 3D graphics (3D View), which may not be available on all mobile phones. The other one (2D View) emulates 3D graphics using standard Java ME and should run on every phone supporting Java ME. The third view shows a top-down view of the cube, spread out as a cross.
  • The cursor type.

    If you're using the 3D view, you can choose from different cursor shapes. In the other two views you can only change the color of the cursor.
  • The colour scheme.

    Choose from different colour schemes for the cube. In the 3D View, you can even choose different textures to use for the cube's surface.
  • The difficulty of the cube.

    Determines how often the cube is rotated at the beginning of a game. It becomes more difficult to solve the cube, when more random rotations are performed on the cube.
  • Animation speed for rotation.

    choose from three different animation speeds. Choosing a higher speed means a rotation will be performed with less steps and choosing a slower speed means the rotation takes more steps but appears smoother.
  • The solver.

    It is possible to choose between two different solving algorithms. The "Humanlike Solver" is easier to understand for us humans, the "Petrus Solver" is faster but not very easy to follow for beginners.
To change an option, just open up the pop-up menu and choose the setting you want.
Spielansicht The number keys (2,4,6,8 and 5) can be used to play this game, but you can also use the joystick if your mobile phone has one. Press 3 to open up the ingame menu and select the options. The ingame menu contains the following items:
  • Back to the main menu.
  • Undo last step.
  • Redo last step.
  • Perform the next logical step suggested by the solver.
  • Solve cube completely.
  • Close menu

Use the keys 2,4,6 and 8 (or the joystick) to move the cursor around the cube.

To perform a rotation in the direction of the cursor, press 5.